Title: Rome, yacht charter: choose Sea & Sea charter marketing

Description: Professionalism, passion and reliability characterise the yacht charter services offered by Sea & Sea srl, the best in the field of maritime mediation.

Are you an owner wishing to rent your yacht through Sea & Sea?

A leading company in the boat and recreational boat chartering sector, Sea & Sea will take care of your boat, placing it on the charter market. Owners who decide to rent their boats and yachts can convert their investment to buy the boat in a flourishing business. Sea & Sea has been working in the nautical sector for many years and has a thorough knowledge of the market and promotional tools to propose yacht charter to both customers with references and international charter companies. The Sea & Sea team works closely with the owners and their crew to reach their set yacht chartering goals. In fact, we assist our customers in the organisation of the photo shoot that will be used both to place their boat on the charter market and to prepare professional brochures, and we also help them choose the right price for their yacht, analysing the trend of similar yachts on the world market on a regular basis. The sales contract/agreement outlines the responsibilities of Sea & Sea as a central agency. The yachts are included in the international circuit, the largest charter database for operators around the world. is a precious advertising tool: through this circuit, Sea & Sea is contacted by international brokers who, as guaranteed by the association, sell customers cruise ships on yachts managed by the company. In addition, publishes some guides for charter yachtsmen who are used to handle different situations.

The yachts are also included in the American circuit, a database for charter operators whose members are mainly American agencies.

Yacht charter contracts and terms and conditions

The most widely used contract in the world is the Myba, drawn up and certified by the Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association. The Myba provides for specific conditions called Western Mediterranean Terms (WMT). Customer rates (charterers) include: hire of the yacht, crew cost, yacht insurance, crew food, on-board laundry service. Rates do not include: fuel for yachts, generators, tenders and on-board water games, if any; food for guests, alcoholic and non- alcoholic ¬†drinks; port mooring rates; port charges and fees; piloting; water and electricity from the ground; personal laundry service; costs for personal communications and everything not specifically mentioned in the “rates include” section.

For Italian customers, other contracts drawn up by the most active Chambers of Commerce can also be used. Unlike the Myba contract, crew food costs are borne by the customer.

The conditions used in the eastern Mediterranean are called Standard Eastern Mediterranean Terms. They apply in Greece and Turkey and, according to them the rate includes yacht charter and equipment, crew, insurance, crew food, fuel for an average of 4/5 hours of sailing per day, port charges, any port taxes (the fee required to cross the Corinth Canal is not included). Water and electricity are often included in the price. In the Caribbean, on the other hand, the Standard Caribbean Terms apply. The price includes yacht charter and equipment, crew, insurance, food for guests and the crew, fuel for a specified number of hours, which often varies according to the type of yacht.

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