There are many ships in the exclusive management section you will find in our fleet, and every year you get through these excellent results throughout the season to take.

For several years that our company with professionalism, passion for their work and especially for the sea, has only one thing: to specialize in offering the best yachts in Italy and worldwide. For this reason, even through the site and various web sites dedicated to the marine industry, we are pleased and proud to present a careful selection of yachts and motor boats to meet the needs of every guest.

We aim carefully the choice of shipping companies, boat and crew always highly qualified and selected. For Charter ll find a wide range of power boats and luxury yachts, schooners, yachts, large motor and sailing boats 24-50 feet, exclusive mega yachts over 50 meters to meet the needs of the most beautiful sailing areas of the world. Our company offers not only an holiday but also special events, an anniversary to celebrate in private, private dinners, fashion events on board our yacht.

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Sea & Sea Charters

The Sea & Sea Charters puts its experience at your service,taking you in my choice of dream vacations. If you experience the sea is your desire, we will give all necessary assistance to sail to the destinations of your choice, either aboard your sailboat, orrelax in the luxury boats sailing or motor …. we’ll make that dreamcome true …

We are sure that you contact us appreciate our highly professional and personalized service, our goal is to always put the customer first.Each new year we aim to achieve certain objectives, which lieswithout neglecting our work that has always distinguished itself for the convenience and transparency with which we are used tohandle even the most delicate negotiations.

Ten years after the birth of our organization, the greatest satisfaction is that dilavorare today to realize the wishes of those customers and friends with whom we began this adventure.
The Sea & Sea, an established company specializing in Mediation Maritime search and selection of boats and ships. A team of young, dynamic and cohesive, a large family that has grown with the passing years and working in this field with his usual passion, professionalism and presence.

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